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Wiltshire Non-Profit gears up to make bigger impact

Updated: Mar 19

Wiltshire Digital Drive (WDD), a purpose-driven not-for-profit organisation that has made a huge positive difference locally by recycling and redistributing technology to the community free of charge, is now moving ahead to the next phase of its purpose-driven journey.

First established during the 2020 lockdown to help combat the negative effect of school closures across Wiltshire and support those in need during highly uncertain times, WDD is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that bridges the ‘digital divide’ by providing a highly relevant, practical and free service to those in need locally.

Over the last four years, more than 3,000 refurbished devices have been refurbished and distributed by Wiltshire Digital Drive’s small team — with schools, charities, organisations, councils and families from across Wiltshire having all benefitted from the scheme so far.

Having already saved over 9,000 electrical donations from being unnecessarily sent to landfill sites through responsible recycling that contributes to the circular economy, WDD is now firmly focused on the future, scaling up its operations with the appointment of Natalie Luckham, founder of  B Corp social media agency Naturally Social, as the part-time CEO of Wiltshire Digital Drive.

Under Natalie’s strategic leadership, Wiltshire Digital Drive is actively looking to establish new partnerships with small businesses to widen its positive carbon footprint, and is calling for corporate partners to come on board to both support WDD’s next growth stage and make a positive contribution to the economy.

Natalie Luckham, CEO of Wiltshire Digital Drive, comments:

“While initially focused on helping young people and their families to remain digitally connected during a period of time when we were all literally ‘locked down’ in our homes, WDD’s focus is now much broader. As an organisation, we are wholly committed to providing technology to individuals who require access to digital technology in order to remain connected in an increasingly online world.”
“The digital divide is ever-widening; millions of people across the UK don’t have the basic digital skills or access to technology that’s so vital to actively participating in daily life today. Our key mission as a CIC is to move technology from person to person to enable education, combat isolation and improve lives — and by working closely alongside like-minded small businesses and corporate partners, there’s so much more we can achieve.”

As part of WDD’s refreshed strategic vision, local suppliers, volunteers and new hires have been appointed to work alongside the team.

Award-winning media consultancy Second Mountain Comms will be focused on building greater awareness of the CIC’s work in the local community and helping to position its impact on a national scale. Kathryn Price, independent IT expert at KSP techcare, will be supporting with tech refurbishments and volunteer positions filled include an IT lead, IT assistants and a marketing specialist.

Natalie Luckham adds:

“We’re committed to meeting both the current and future digital needs of the local community — and believe that technology can be put to much better use. Over the last 12 months, we have witnessed huge growth in local appetite for our services, and we’re very proud to have been in a position to help hundreds of displaced Ukrainian families to remain connected in the midst of conflict and set up their lives in their new communities. As the UK continues to grapple with the cost of living crisis and we become increasingly aware about climate change, there’s never been a greater need for organisations like ours.”

Natalie Luckham joins Second Mountain's Ben Veal on episode 027 of the award-winning #GoodJourneysPod. In this inspiring conversation, Natalie shares the wider vision and journey of Wiltshire Digital Drive so far, and also talks about lessons learned as a purpose-driven entrepreneur, dealing with burnout and overcoming mental health struggles, making changes to her life to build a better future, and using social media for good.

Good Journeys with Second Mountain.

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