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Resilient Leaders Elements appoints Second Mountain

RLE gears up for growth; hires Second Mountain for comms support

Purpose-driven independent comms consultancy Second Mountain is pleased to be working with Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) to support the highly-trusted and visionary leadership development business with the expansion of its operational footprint. 

Resilient Leaders Elements appoints Second Mountain Comms

UK-based Resilient Leaders Elements believes everyone can be a leader and is deserving of world-class leadership development.  RLE directly supports individuals at all levels of their careers to develop the confidence and capability to lead themselves and others though increasingly uncertain times. RLE’s Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP™) has already helped thousands of professionals across the UK and beyond to grow and thrive — and RLE is now gearing up for significant growth.

Second Mountain Comms, the award-winning consultancy that specialises in working with purpose-driven business owners and and not-for-profit organisations, has now been appointed by RLE to drive forward the organisation’s media strategy, with a focus on heightening brand awareness across multiple channels to reach a far wider pool of professionals in multiple sectors with RLE’s important, timely offering.

Resilient Leaders Elements was founded in the 2000 by  Rachel McGill and Dr Jeremy Mead. Rachel now leads the team as CEO alongside Richard Greatorex, Commercial and Marketing Director, and Nina Dannan, Creative and Innovation Director, from the Glove Factory Studios in Wiltshire.

Rachel, who served as an Army officer and made history as part of the three-woman team that broke the World Record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe in a car, has almost 30 years’ leadership development experience and specialises in the development of resilience in leaders and the tools they need to succeed. Under Rachel’s leadership, RLE’s courses have now helped thousands of people through training on pragmatic approaches to leadership development.

Rachel McGill, Resilient Leaders Elements co-founder, comments:

“It is during times of uncertainty when resilience matters more than ever. Our world has certainly experienced more than its fair share of uncertainty in recent years, and with the next societal or economic crisis always just around the corner, building resilient leadership skills is essential to moving forward with purpose and achieving goals, whatever happens. Empowering future resilient leaders has been the mission of RLE ever since we first founded the business — and through our new partnership with Second Mountain, we are focused on building the strongest global community of incredible leaders possible.”

Richard Greatorex, RLE commercial and marketing director, adds:

“Clarity of Direction lies at the heart of our training approach at RLE: having a vision and a realistic strategy for the future, and then communicating effectively to align people to your vision. Second Mountain has a proven track record of helping organisations to communicate in engaging ways with the right audiences in a highly-focused, purpose-driven fashion — and is now joining with us to help our very clear future direction become a reality.”

Second Mountain Comms is run by Ben Veal: CIPR Chartered PR Practitioner, content creator, journalist and the host of Good Journeys with Ben Veal, the Creative Bath award-winning podcast and YouTube show that has partnered with RLE since 2023 to share purposeful conversations with inspiring guests, including Sir Terry Waite KCMG CBE who opened up about his time spent in captivity in Beirut and the resilience that was required to endure that ordeal.

In close working partnership with the team at Resilient Leaders Elements, Second Mountain will both amplify the numerous success stories that already exist within RLE’s wide community, as well as extend the company’s reach and impact globally.


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