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Church of England appoints Second Mountain for Net Zero 2030 comms

Updated: 6 days ago

Purpose-driven independent comms consultancy Second Mountain is pleased to be working with The Church of England (CofE) to help share stories of success about community engagement with its Net Zero Carbon 2030 programme.

The Church of England appoints Second Mountain for Net Zero 2030 Comms Support

The Church of England is wholly committed to working towards all parts of the church reaching net zero carbon by 2030. This ambitious goal requires action by all with responsibility for the management of churches across the UK — as well as those using churches, cathedrals, schools, theological colleges and educational institutions, clergy housing and office buildings — over the next six years.

With over 16,000 churches in England, 42 cathedrals, 4,632 schools and academies and over 10,000 clergy houses, as well as office buildings and colleges, the scope of the CofE Net Zero Carbon 2030 initiative involves around 32,200 buildings in total. The programme’s priority goal is to reduce the carbon emissions arising from the energy used in these buildings and work-related transport year-on-year. The ‘Routemap to Net Zero’ strategy outlines how the decarbonisation of these buildings will be actively supported.

Second Mountain Comms, a specialist, award-winning consultancy that specialises in working with charities and not-for-profit organisations, has now been appointed to support the CofE’s net zero communications strategy in close working collaboration with The Church of England Communications team, stakeholders and other creative partners.

Second Mountain will focus on supporting the Church of England’s work of engaging and inspiring internal audiences to become actively involved with the wider Net Zero Carbon 2030 goals and to make small changes that can make a big difference.

Second Mountain Comms is run by Ben Veal, a CIPR Chartered PR Practitioner, content creator and journalist. Second Mountain will be responsible for providing research and copywriting support to bring the CofE’s stories of transformation and positive change to life for multiple audiences, working in collaboration with Church of England stakeholders to demonstrate the social and environmental impact of decarbonisation initiatives.

Ben Veal, founder of Second Mountain Comms, says:

“It’s a privilege to have been appointed by the Church of England to professionally support this inspiring and vital national change programme. Our world has reached an environmental tipping point, and the CofE, through its New Zero Carbon 2030 initiative, is taking a definitive stand against the climate crisis.  I will be working closely alongside a wider creative team — including videographers, illustrators, animators, designers and photographers — to help bring net zero carbon journeys to life and inspire others to join the movement for change and take action.”

To find out more about the Church of England’s plan for net zero carbon by 2030, visit:

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