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Leading mental health charity appoints Second Mountain

One of the UK’s most respected and established mental health charities has appointed Bath-based Second Mountain Communications to help reach the right audiences in the right way.

The Charlie Waller Trust is a charity with a very personal story at its heart. Its vision is for a world where people understand and talk openly about mental health: one in which young people and those who support them are equipped to maintain and enhance their mental health and wellbeing, and have the confidence to seek help when they need it.

For over 20 years, the charity has been providing practical guidance, training and resources to young people as well as helping to educate parents, carers, educators and employers.

It is a charity with a clear purpose - and its vital mental health support has never been more timely or important than it is right now, as the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact continues to be felt worldwide.

Second Mountain Comms has been hired by the Charlie Waller Trust as part of an ambitious digital transformation project that has been taking place throughout 2020.

Working in partnership with digital wonderlab and Rednine Design & Brand Consultancy, Second Mountain is providing content consultancy and professional copywriting support to the charity: creating engaging, accessible and informative written resources that are highly accessible for online readers.

Second Mountain will be bringing its content expertise to topics ranging from depression, anxiety and self-harm amongst young people to maximising health and wellbeing and making the most of the university experience during a time of widespread restrictions - all of which need to be handled sensitively and written with audience needs firmly in mind.

Tracey Gurr, Communications Director at the Charlie Waller Trust, comments:

“Our aim at the Charlie Waller Trust is to support all young people through their individual journeys, recognising the points of transition that can represent moments of particular vulnerability, and to improve their understanding of mental health. We do this by offering knowledge and skills to young people and those who care for them.
Our website and digital channels serve as key opportunities for us to reach and help those in need of guidance and advice; clear and relevant content is central to building the confidence that’s necessary to be able to talk openly about mental health.”

Ben Veal, Founder & MD at Second Mountain Comms, adds:

“The Charlie Waller Trust is playing a crucial role in reducing the stigma that still surrounds mental health problems, at a time when mental wellbeing and resilience has never had greater significance.
The unexpected events of 2020 have brought mental health issues well and truly into the mainstream, and the circumstances of this year have underscored the crucial support role that the Charlie Waller Trust plays through its mental health education, training and practical resources. We’re delighted to be able to help this important charity to reach its audiences through meaningful online communications, supporting individuals at the time when they need it most.”

To find out more about the Charlie Waller Trust, visit


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