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Second Mountain joins Business against Poverty

Second Mountain Communications, a boutique consultancy that helps purpose-driven companies reach their audiences in the right way through meaningful content, PR and strategic messaging, has become the latest ethical business to join the growing Business against Poverty movement.

Wiltshire-based Business against Poverty (BAP) is a community of business leaders committed to ethical and sustainable standards, all looking to use their companies to address issues of poverty and take action.

Being part of the Business against Poverty movement supports the reduction of international poverty and transforms the lives of others by facilitating People against Poverty's vital project work worldwide.

Business against Poverty's community approach plays an integral role in facilitating People against Poverty's ability to deliver help on the ground. The charity changes lives by meeting basic needs – food, housing, education and shelter – with projects designed to empower and encourage greater self-sufficiency, new hope and a more sustainable future – a handshake, not a hand out.

Founded in 2009, Business against Poverty encourages a culture of caring for our planet and compassion for its people amongst its like-minded business leaders. All members agree to abide by a social, environmental and economic Code of Ethics.

The creativity, cultures, passion and financial resources of these businesses combines to allow People against Poverty to continue to engage with the plight of the world’s poor by investing in strategic projects that will equip and enable communities to thrive. This support is more important than ever before, during the troubled and challenging times facing us all.

Val Huxley, CEO of Business against Poverty, comments:

"Our purpose is to encourage more and more businesses to have a social purpose; to positively impact local, national and international communities through ethical and sustainable business practice. Having Second Mountain Communications as part of the Business against Poverty membership community directly supports and aids the humanitarian work that we are committed to delivering around the world."

Ben Veal, founder and managing director of Second Mountain Comms, adds:

"Business against Poverty is a fantastic community with purpose at its heart; we're pleased to now be part of this movement for positive change in the world. Businesses, united towards a common goal, can be a powerful and vocal force for good. We are delighted that the content, PR and strategic support that we are providing our ethical and purpose-driven clients with will now also help People against Poverty to carry out its essential work to alleviate suffering in communities locally and internationally."

To find out more about Business against Poverty and to join the movement, visit You are just one step away from making a big difference.

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