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Why Purpose Matters In Business Today

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What does it mean to be a B Corp certified business? Why do today's leaders need to build the skills to become emotionally intelligent? How can life's darkest moments help to define a brighter future?

Lyanna Tsakiris, purpose-driven CEO and co-founder of Station Rd. Marketing, joined Second Mountain Comms' Ben Veal as the special guest for episode five of Good Journeys with Second Mountain, the new podcast series that explores the lives of inspired people and their inspiring stories.

Lyanna Tsakiris Station Rd

Based in Cardiff, Wales, Station Rd. is a strategic communications agency that helps drive business value and growth through impactful marketing. As a Certified B Corporation, the agency's aim is to create lasting positive impact - and Lyanna is a big advocate for using creativity and compassion to help organisations to navigate change. As well as being a guest lecturer at Cardiff University’s Business School, Lyanna also works as an emotional intelligence coach, helping business leaders with self-awareness, compassionate leadership, and prioritising personal growth.

Episode five of the Good Journeys with Second Mountain podcast is out now.


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"We knew there was a better way"

Lyanna has been on quite some journey en route to being at the helm of Station Rd alongside husband Jay.

Speaking openly and candidly on the #GoodJourneysPod, Lyanna explores the challenges she faced while working in the relentless, always-on world of marketing agencies earlier in her career, including managing anxiety and stress within the workplace.

Station Rd. was borne out of a desire to "put people first", according to Lyanna. "Part of the reason why we set up the business was to create somewhere where that wasn't that 'corporate' side to it ... wellbeing is paramount to our business; we try and make sure that everybody is putting their own needs first."

achieving b corp certification

"B Corp was a no-brainer for us"

Station Rd. recently celebrated becoming a certified B Corporation, in recognition of the agency's focus of working sustainably and ethically, with a commitment to ESG woven into the fabric of the business.

Station Rd Marketing B Corp

The ten-month long process for the team was an extensive and exhaustive one , but ultimately, the effort has been worth it, says Lyanna: "We're always looking to be better ... B Corp really helped us to focus on how we operate, who we're doing business with and to look at our supply chain from a sustainability perspective ... we've learnt so much through the process. It's a big commitment as an organisation and it's a great community to be part of as well."


"People are a lot more open about mental health now"

Lyanna is a #purposedriven business leader who doesn't shy away from talking about the personal obstacles and sizeable mental health challenges she has faced during her life so far, including the suicide of both her father and grandfather.

In the podcast, Lyanna speaks about the profound impact this these events have had on her outlook - and also explores the importance of being open and honest about the state of our own mental wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace.

"I suffered some childhood trauma ... I put it in a box and I didn't really deal with it. I channelled all of my energy into work, and it wasn't like I wasn't offered support or supported, I just chose not to [engage] because it felt too hard at the time. I didn't really deal with things, and then you layer on top of that not having work/life balance and all of a sudden you just go pop ... I was high-functioning with anxiety and you wouldn't have known [there were any issues], until I started crying every day, which was a big sign that I was having problems. I was very good at masking."

Episode five of the Good Journeys with Second Mountain podcast is out now.

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