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Second Mountain pledges support for inaugural Co-forest

An ambitious project to plant a new carbon offsetting forest near Bath and Bristol has reached a historic first milestone - and Second Mountain Comms had the opportunity to be part of the celebrations.

The ambition of Co-forest, the brainchild of Bath's Storm Consultancy with support from the Woodland Trust and Forest of Avon Trust, is to bring people together to create a Co-forest through collective action and shared purpose.

Businesses and individuals alike were asked to pledge funds towards supporting the inaugural Co-forest:Acorn, with the hope that this will be the first of many to spring up around the UK or even further afield over the years ahead.

Communications consultant Ben Veal and web developer & UX designer Rob Clark, representing Second Mountain Comms, took part in an afternoon of planting after the purpose-driven consultancy pledged funds to plant 50sqm at the site situated in Almondsbury on the outskirts of Bristol.

An impressive 350 trees were planted on the final day of the inaugural planting season - which has been driven forward by a large team of volunteers in recent months - with a total of 8,600 trees planted on the site to date. The fledgling woodland will continue to establish and grow as the Co-forest project moves into its next phase, with the goal of 10,000 broadleaf woodland species being planted and managed, to absorb carbon and create new habitat for wildlife.

Ben Veal, Second Mountain Comms' founder, comments:

What a huge privilege it was to be part of planting the first ever Co-forest. The progress that this project has made has been quite remarkable to date; it's a shining example of the difference that businesses and individuals can make by joining together with purpose and a shared goal. Hugely excited to be part of the Co-forest collective, planting a legacy for the future!

Over 1.5 million hectares of new woodland is needed in Britain to help reach the net-zero carbon target by 2050. Co-forest's mission to plant the right mix of native woodland trees, on appropriate land, in the right places to join up ecological corridors and boost biodiversity, is a small but hugely important step forward in the battle to protect the future of our planet.

To find out more or to pledge support as a business or individual, visit


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