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'Inspiring' podcast marks first year with 20th episode

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Good Journeys with Second Mountain, the podcast and YouTube show that shares inspiring stories and lessons learnt from all walks of life, has celebrated its first year by publishing its milestone 20th episode.

Good Journeys with Second Mountain podcast

Since debuting in August 2022, the #GoodJourneysPod has delved deeply into the personal journeys of guests from all around the world. Interviewees so far have included purpose-driven business owners and social mobility campaigners, authors and sports entertainers, as well as individuals working in the third sector, a happiness coach and a lived experience advocate.

The central thread of each and every episode is lessons learned from trails travelled. Hosted by Ben Veal, founder of Second Mountain, a UK-based comms consultancy that helps good people do good, each conversation takes listeners and viewers on a personal journey of self-discovery, as guests recall challenging circumstances that have impacted their lives and the steps that they have taken to understand and overcome them.

Widely available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music, the podcast has swiftly built a solid repeat audience with listeners spanning more than 25 countries.

Some of the most popular episodes so far have included:

Neurodiverse author Pete Wharmby on why the world isn't built for autistic people

Happiness coach Sarah Perrett on how to be happy with yourself

Children's author and illustrator Rachel Bright on the art of believing impossible things

Professional wrestler Matt Cardona on building back up after losing his job with WWE

Fitness coach Stevie Richards on recovery from a life-threatening spine infection

Community builder Ryan Hartley on leading with love in a self-focused world

Arthritis and psoriasis patient leader Joel Nelson on giving a voice to those living in pain.

Ben Veal, host of the 'Good Journeys with Second Mountain' podcast, comments:

"What started out as little more than an idea a year ago has quickly become a huge point of personal passion and real impact. Over the last 12 months, I've been privileged to meet and speak with incredible guests from all around the globe - and in the process have learnt so much along the way. Each episode is unique, but is united by one realisation: that life really is all about the journey, not the destination. Thank you to all of the guests and those that have supported the show to reach its first year and 20th episode. Let's keep climbing."

The milestone 20th episode of the #GoodJourneysPod features a very powerful conversation with Derek A. Bardowell, philanthropy advisor and author of Giving Back: How To Do Good, Better. Speaking on the show, Derek shares his personal experiences of racism in Britain, why the 'Black Lives Matter' movement resonated so strongly in 2020, what the UK Government got so wrong with its mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and why it's time for an uprising against hierarchical power structures.

The 'Good Journeys with Second Mountain' podcast is a creative partnership between Second Mountain Comms and Loretz Visuals. The show has been shortlisted for two awards - 'Best Use of Content' and 'Best Channel Delivery' - at the 2023 CIPR PRide Awards.

All episodes so far can be found at


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